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    April food for thought


    What’s your excuse?

    So you’ve decided to cut some corners, save some money, save some time, avoid doing the paperwork, forget the training you’ve had, or just can’t be bothered?

    Don’t get me wrong, we have all thought about it, the difference is those who take the time to do it right only do the job once and go home safely, each and every time!

    Sure, it may seem easier to take the quick, unsafe option but next time you consider it, stop and ask yourself, ‘What is my life really worth?’

    Still not sure if your doing it right? Why not call us now and discuss the job? Maybe you need training, or maybe just advice, we are here to help (where we can). 


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    Client Feedback

    At Australasian Fire & Safety we welcome feedback from our valued clients. Our Trainers are passionate about what they do & pride themselves on the training they deliver. Here are just some of the comments we have received regarding our training.


    Emergency Warden Training.

    “I’d recommend this training & trainer to everyone.”

    “I normally work on my feet all day so a course of this nature makes me fall asleep – this did not! Interesting.”

    “I enjoyed the course and it made me think about all aspects of safety in the home & workplace.”

    “Environment was friendly. Trainer communicated well. Course was well structured in the theory & practical examples. Food was good quality & location was excellent.”


    “The trainer was personable, professional & easy to work with”

    “Putting out the fire – nothing like real life practice!”

    “Very good balance of theory & practice. Clear presentation style.”

    “Friendly atmosphere, clarity of instruction, dynamic involvement and dialogue, hands on, video showing scenarios.”

    Confined Space Training

    “Easy to follow. Good mix of practical & theory.”

    “It was to the point & not just read from the book. What was appropriate was teached well.”

    “Good structure & easy to follow. Very happy.”

    “The course was kept relevant for the whole time & never dragged.”

    Breathing Apparatus

    “Very informative & engaging.  Awesome  presenter!”

    “I enjoyed the casual approach & appropriate mix of theory & practical.”

    “I most liked the practical experience of search & rescue with the breathing apparatus.”



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    Spring Time

    Spring is finally upon us and if you are anything like the staff at Australasian Fire & Safety you will be looking forward to the warmer weather!

    For many of us the brighter, sunnier days put us in the right frame of mind for a bit of spring cleaning. If that is the case now is a good time to tidy up your outside areas as well as inside the house, making it ready for get-togethers around the ‘barbie’.

    Australian summers can be harsh & it is a good time to start planning & preparing for ‘bush fire’ season.

    Consider clearing the gutters, cleaning the chimneys & flues, tidying up that wood pile left over from winter, checking your smoke detectors & installing a hard wired smoke alarm if you haven’t already done so. And don’t forget to have your fire extinguishgers & fire blankets in a conveniant location J

    Happy Cleaning  😉

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    Breathing Apparatus @ AFS

    BA20.8.20154BA20.8.20153BA20.8.20152  BA20.8.2015 

    Another day of Breathing Apparatus training and a fair few laughs were had!

    Why not come try it for yourself? We can guarantee you a great day of learning! 

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    No need to panic maám… I got this!

    How quickly can you extinguish a fire? This grenade launcher fires a dry chemical bomb which almost instantaneously extinguishes this vehicle fire. Check it out!

    WOW, I gotta get me one of those, however unfortunately we will not be using this during our training courses… yet 😉  

  • June 23, 2015 in Safety Articles

    Effectively Making a Fire Evacuation Plan

    Irrespective of where you are working and living, it is certainly necessary to have a fire evacuation plan should you ever find yourself confronted with such an emergency. Contrary to what most people assume, making an evacuation plan consists of more than just frantically running for the nearest exit.  As a matter of fact, this can be very dangerous and make the predicament even worse. In any case, coming up with your own fire evacuation plans is really quite simple if you comply with a few steps.

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    Home Fire Safety Tips

    Precautions that are taken to prevent the likelihood of a fire that may result in death, injury or property damage are recognised as fire safety. Manuals for fire safety in the home give home owners advice on how to prevent fires and what to do in case there is a fire at home. If you do not have access to any fire safety guide, you can check out your local fire and rescue service center where you can get free tips on how to prevent fire outbreaks and also advice that can help you and others get out of the residence rapidly in case a fire does occur. This is most essential especially for people who do not have home insurance.

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    Fire Safety Training

    Fire safety training is mandatory for many types of corporations and government agencies. Colleges are included on this list and children gain considerable advantage from understanding valuable lessons about how to behave in crisis situations. Fire drills for kids are often something that children welcome as a break in their day-to-day routine but they are far more important in training them not to panic in an emergency.

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  • June 23, 2015 in Safety Articles

    The Importance of Fire Safety In Your Home

    Fire safety in the home is of the greatest importance and there are a range of measures you can take to keep your family and home safe from fire. Here are some of the most important ones.

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  • June 23, 2015 in Safety Articles

    Fire Safety and Emergency Training Options for your Workplace

    Ensuring that your staff members are kept up to date on fire safety and emergency evacuation procedures is crucial. One way of making sure that your employees are well-informed is to invest in a fire and emergency training course. There are a lot of such courses available for Australian workplaces.

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