Confined Space Training

There is need for every employer to offer training to all his or her employees who are required to work in spaces that are confined in order for them to acquire skills, knowledge as well as have an understanding on how to perform their duties in a safe way. Before an employee is assigned to the duties, he or she must be given the necessary training in order to keep him or her better suited in the working environment.

A confined space is one that is has limited access and it may be dangerous to work in. Such an area include the interior of a storage tank where workers may enter in order for them to perform some maintenance works. When workers are working in a space that is confined, they are at risk of suffocation by gases that are unbreathable that may be present but they are not visible. Also there can be submersion in liquids if there is free flowing granular solids like the grain bins. When the workers get some training about the confined spaces, then it triggers an employee to have some more adequate knowledge about how to avoid these kinds of risks. This should also be done before a worker is assigned to some changes in the duties that he or she performing. In case there is change in the permit space where the operations are taking place, then there is need of having some worker training.

The training should also include a way of establishing more employee proficiency in the confined space that include confined space entry procedure as well as the task being performed in the particular space. The confined space training outlines the protocols and skills for one to stay safe in the space. This also include tag-out and lockout precautions for any connecting piping, forced ventilation, predetermined rescue plan as well as testing if the air inside the confined space is breathable.

One of the main dangers that is in the confined space is atmospheric hazards that affects the air quality. Before the workers gain access to the confined space, there must some testing of the atmospheric conditions and it must be monitored while the workers are going on with the duties that they are doing. The presence of oxygen may be affected by other harmful and toxic gases as well as flammable materials. The training for working in the confined space should let the employees to know that the oxygen concentration is considered safe when it is between 19.5% to about 23.5% of the overall total atmosphere.

Fatalities and injuries in the confined space is usually frequent and it involves successive fatalities when there are would-be rescuers to succumb the problem. Since these fatalities may become more fatal as the rescuers can also get entrapped in the space. There is need for training the rescuers of the danger involved in order for them to be safe and avoid a catastrophe. Thus, there is need to control the way people involve in the rescue plan.

I have used AF&S to arrange both onsite and offsite training. They have been a pleasure to deal with administratively and we have received positive feedback from staff regarding the training provided.

Steve and his team are always a reliable source of information and AF&S is our preferred fire and safety training provider. Having conducted training for our student leadership team for the past few years I would highly recommend them. They are willing to go beyond usual training requirements, and tailor their services to our unique needs.

The Australasian Fire & Safety team has provided training to our organisation for many years. The training sessions are perfect overviews of the necessary detail required for our business needs. The sessions are extremely well structured, planned and focused with the instructor also managing to enlighten us with some humour which made the session interesting and understandable. I definitely feel confident in offering their service to clients.

We have used Australasian Fire & Safety as our provider for fire warden training over the last 4 years. They have provided excellent training presenters, facilities and course content. Steve and his staff provide a great service and we will continue work with them for all our future needs would recommend them to anyone needing fire & safety training.

Australasian Fire & Safety are a very professional company and I have nothing but good things to say about them. All the staff are helpful and pleasant to deal with and always respond to queries in a very timely manner. I would recommend Australasian Fire & Safety to anyone looking to complete their training.

This was a VERY informational course which I would HIGHLY recommend to others, for home or work use

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Kristin most liked:

easy to follow – not too many words on presentation. Very engaging.

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Ray most liked:

Very clear and direct – good examples and easy to relate. Keep it up!

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Julie most liked:

The course was delivered well with good interaction from group and trainer. Trainer had a friendly manner.

Emergency warden course.

Jeff most liked:

Involvement of all in attendance. Presentation was excellent.

Steve is an excellent trainer. Strongly recommended.

Emergency Warden course.

“The group very much enjoyed the professional, efficient and hands on training with Australasian Fire and Safety.”

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“Australasian Fire & Safety provide fire training for our new shift managers. They are very friendly and a pleasure to deal with. The sessions are well structured, informative, practical and engaging”

It was a different type of learning with the trainer. He was informative, engaging, fun and patient with trainees. The best training ever.

Informative, entertaining and well-run course. Professionally presented adult learning, with enough humour to engage participants in the very important but reasonably dry subject matter. Steve is very knowledgeable and maintains enthusiasm throughout the day. I will wear the red hat with confidence (though hopefully I never need to!).